Girl Scout Program

The Marine Corps League has long regarded the program of the Girl Scouts of the USA as in support of the Preamble of the Constitution of the League.

The Marine Corps League supports the Girl Scouts of America as they promote traditional family values to America’s youth. The Marine Corps League will participate in Scouting through assistance with units, districts, and councils, in community projects, merit badge programs, and special recognition of Girl Scouts. The Marine Corps League will endeavor to establish, strengthen, and expand its relationship with the Girl Scouts of the USA, and support mutually beneficial programs. Every Girl Scout who qualifies for the Girl Scout Gold Award is presented a citizenship award from Marine Corps League Greensboro Detachment 260.  The ceremony is usually held in conjunction with her local troop's Court of Honor ceremony.  

Upon request, a Greensboro Detachment Marine will attend your next Gold Award Court of Honor and present a Good Citizenship Award certificate from the Marine Corps League to your new recipient of the Gold Award.   To initiate recognition by the detachment, the supporting Girl Scout Troop should submit a request to the Detachment by completing the form below.

 To download the application for the Girl Scout Gold Award, click: GirlScoutGoldAwardApp.pdf
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Nominations/Question about the Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Programs
Scout Committee - Ron Meder

MCL 260 Scout Committee 2017-2018:

Beard, Xavier L. Leblanc, Patrick (Eagle Scout) Snyder, Jerry
Boylston, Ron (Eagle Scout) Medder, Ron (Scout) Clark, Hiawatha (1st Sgt, USMC, ret)
Clark, Dan (USMC Sgt Major) Peek, Gerald Zimbro, Keith
 Sisley, Fred (General, USMC ret.)  Hayes, Jim (Eagle Scout) Rich Carrera

Girl Scout 2018 Scholarship Official Application

Applications for 2018 Scholarships may be submitted
from MARCH 1, 2018 until MAY 31, 2018

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Please complete & submit to

Ron Medder
Marine Corps League Detachment 260
PO Box 10227
Greensboro, NC  27404

Awards will be made by June 30, 2018

   2018 Girl Scout Scholarship Committee  

 Boylston, Ron (Eagle Scout) Hayes, Jim (Eagle Scout)  Mathews, Scott (Scout) 
 Sisley, Fred (General, USMC, ret)  Beard, Xavier  Orfanedes, George


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