MCL 260 Members:
The end of the calendar year brings with it so many tasks and chores to complete that sometimes the “Busy-ness” of mid-winter overpowers the peace and tranquility that could be a focus of this joyful season. We barely say goodbye to family who visited over Thanksgiving before we dive into gift buying, club meetings, party-going, holiday decorating, and community service projects, etc., etc. Add to the calendar our Marine Corps Birthday celebrations, our work parties, and religious events, and soon there is very little room left on the agenda for peace and quiet. But let me encourage us all to plan to slow down and enjoy the tranquility of this special time. The best events I have ever enjoyed are quiet times on the porch with my sons, or visits with my daughter when I have no agenda other than enjoying her presence. Talking with my bride, or holding my grandchildren, are highlights of my life, and always fulfill me more than meetings or chores. Special people require special attention, often in quiet appreciation. So too does our God. The Hope and Love of our caring Creator are not usually found in the hustle and bustle of celebrations, but rather God’s voice is more often heard in our quiet times of contemplation. Regardless of our religious affiliation, may we each sense God more deeply this year as we make time and space for the Creator in our lives. God bless you.
Chaplain Shearin
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